Welcome to the MACHINE

This website is my personal homepage. Here I hope to keep an updated portfolio of my work and every once in a while write articles on coding and art.

As far as content goes I'm not quite sure what to put on this page. I'd rather compartmentalize the information and put them on separate pages. This is basically here merely to avoid an empty entry point, but I promise I'll make it more interesting once I come up with better ideas.

A little about me

I'm an artist and a programmer and a poet and a rebel. A renaissance man if you will. My main motivation in whatever I partake in is usually either being creative or learning something new. Sometimes they go hand in hand.

As a developer I enjoy both back-end coding and front-end design. I particularly enjoy writing code that generates code: tools that make tools. This is best demonstrated in my latest project and you can learn more about it if you read on.

You can read more about me here.

A little about the engine behind these pages

3390 or 33GO is a static template engine that builds all the pages on this website. It's a Node.js module that parses different input types like Emmet (a.k.a Zencoding) text or MarkDown files and generates a back-end DOM object which is in turn compiled to an html file.

33GO enables using/combining shortcuts and sugar syntax in a simple JSON file. The simplicity makes creating and testing complex structures faster and easier.

Feel free to read more on projects page

or 33GO's page